My new blog!

Thanks for visiting my new blog, I hope you find it deeply interesting and for those who followed my blog in 2017/2018, I apologise it's been such a long time since I have shared a real blog.Why have I switched website? Basically, it comes down to my lack of know-how building a website and cost. I started out with a nice, simple URL I thought at the time I wanted a truly professional looking web address and something that was easy to remember. These reasons are still valid, but with that domain came at a cost. I'll detail what I paid for to give you some idea, please bear in mind that at the time I paid for my website I was most definitely 'winging it' and somehow managed to create a useable platform at the end.
On the 19/9/2016 I paid £269.35 to have my website hosted on for two years and to have my domain (the web address) created and protected for one year.
On the 19/9/2017 I still had another year hosting paid in advance but I had to…