My new blog!

Thanks for visiting my new blog, I hope you find it deeply interesting and for those who followed my blog in 2017/2018, I apologise it's been such a long time since I have shared a real blog.

Why have I switched website?

Basically, it comes down to my lack of know-how building a website and cost. I started out with a nice, simple URL I thought at the time I wanted a truly professional looking web address and something that was easy to remember. These reasons are still valid, but with that domain came at a cost.
I'll detail what I paid for to give you some idea, please bear in mind that at the time I paid for my website I was most definitely 'winging it' and somehow managed to create a useable platform at the end.

On the 19/9/2016 I paid £269.35 to have my website hosted on for two years and to have my domain (the web address) created and protected for one year.

On the 19/9/2017 I still had another year hosting paid in advance but I had to pay £27.87 for my second-year domain registration and protection.

Finally, this year I have paid £30.87 for domain registration and protection, but I allowed the hosting of the site to lapse as I don't feel I can justify that expense.

As I hope you will understand this is quite an expense, just to share my thoughts and waffle on about what I find interesting!

Since I began writing this particular blog, about half an hour ago, I have actually managed to redirect the traffic (I wouldn't expect there is much!) to my new platform which is hosted through Google's free blogging platform I'm quite proud of this achievement alone! So I can still advertise my website as being and it will only cost me about £30 a year. Winning.

There are certain limitations and things I could do on the more expensive service, sure, but I am happy to be able to share content to those who want to read it at a fraction of the expense.

What to expect from me soon?

I am quitting my job, I'm converting a library bus into my home, I'm going to live in a total stranger's home in a country I've never been to for 11 weeks, I'm competing in an Ironman triathlon and I have already told some people but here comes the big one... I want to kayak around Ireland in 2020. I am committed now, I've written it in my blog!

A retirement photo for some older men that I'll use as my leaving photo too, I'll miss the people but in no way do I regret my decision. Photo by Michael de Leeuwe

The latest photo I have from my bus conversion.

I don't think it is wise to write about all of these things just now, I'll work my way through them individually and share it when it's ready. I don't see myself blogging every day or every week but I have enjoyed it in the past and find it to be therapeutic. 

What would I like from you?

Don't worry, I don't want your money! (just now)

I had a nice little fan base of email subscribers who enjoyed my writing during my bicycle trip in 2017/18, there weren't many but when I stopped writing I felt like I had, in some ways, let them down. I would love you to subscribe to this new blog so you get notified by email when I have written a new piece, just click the subscribe button. That's all.


Thanks again for taking the time to read my very self indulgent blog but eventually I hope I will be able to give something back through the stuff that I share.